Sadly, many children who enjoy dance grow up and stop dancing, except for busting moves at the occasional wedding. While dance is an acceptable hobby for kids, the large majority of dance lovers grow out of it – believing that only trained professionals are worthy of dancing into adulthood. If you’re reading this article, you can probably relate on some level. These are the main reasons that adults don’t dance – and how you can overcome them.​​

If you’re curious how we know, we simply asked them. We posted in a handful of online dance groups, asking adults why they don’t dance as much as they would like to. More than 100 of dancers told us what’s stopping them, and many of their reasons fell into these six specific categories. Which one most strongly resonates with you?

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1. Lack of Time

Oh, #adulting. Grown-up responsibilities are probably a lot more challenging than most of us previously believed. Even though everything we do isn’t fun, there’s more than enough to keep us busy: working a full-time job, commuting daily, housekeeping, taking care of the family and paying bills.

You feel like you just don’t have the time to dance.

How to step up your game: There’s no way to dance if you don’t make time to dance. You’ve got to make dance a priority and squeeze it into your life, as an act of self-care. Schedule a specific time to dance each month and keep your promise to yourself.

2. Lack of Energy

You’ve got plenty on your plate, too. You feel like everyday life is wearing you out to the point where you just want to spend your free time scrolling through social media or smashing another television series. You know you do have the free time, if only you could muster the energy to dance.

You feel like you’re just too tired to dance.  

How to step up your game: You can’t dance if you aren’t willing to engage with dance. You need to convince yourself that you’ll get more energy out of dance than you’ll put in. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s true. Sure, you will expend physical energy by dancing, but your excitement and elation from dancing will positively affect other areas of your life.

3. Lack of Money

You responsibly put your money towards everyday expenses and save some more for emergencies. We can’t fault you for that!

But let’s take a peek at the other money you freely spend… Were you unable to resist an impulse buy from a well-targeted online ad? Do you regularly shell out to for a Netflix subscription? Did you treat yourself to a new outfit, a delicious-smelling hand-poured candle, a delicious dinner out or a delicious-smelling hand-poured candle? How about that weekly coffee?

You feel like your money is better spent on other things.

How to step up your game: You can find free dance classes online or just put on music and improvise. If you want to learn from professional instructors, though, you should expect to pay a fair price to access their expertise. You must recognize a dance class as an investment in your well-being, which provides a whole host of physical and mental benefits.

Pina Bausch dance quote 'Dance, dance, otherwise we are all lost'

4. Lack of Motivation

You love dance. And you know that you want to get back to it someday. You just don’t know how you’re going to bridge that gap from wanting to dance and actually dancing. Perhaps you spend time looking at dance accounts on Instagram and Facebook, but you don’t feel like those pictures and videos are inspiring. You compare yourself with trained professionals, or perhaps look back at your old self, when you were in peak physical condition. Abd these behaviors make you feel further away from your goals than ever.

You’re waiting for something to help you start dancing again.

How to step up your game: You must commit to dancing now, rather than a vague future date. And this will be easier when you connect with other friends who love dance and will attend the same classes as you. Your accountability buddies will understand you and your hobby – and help keep you on track.

Pssst… If you’re a woman, this is the place to genuinely connect with other dance enthusiasts – no dance divas, just dance lovers.

5. Lack of Access

The ability to access dance classes is really dependent on where you live. If you are situated in a big city, you’ll have no problem finding professional instructors in a huge range of dance styles. But if you live in the suburbs, it’s less likely that you’ll be able to train with top teachers, since they tend to stay where they can find good performing opportunities.

You want to dance, but you don’t think you can find suitable training.

How to step up your game: Attending a class at a studio is always best, but you should head online, where there’s no shortage of professional instructors. It’s better than not dancing at all! Virtual classes exponentially expand the pool of classes that you can take, and you don’t have to commute. Depending on the class, you may even be able to ask questions live – or watch replays, so you can take class again.

6. Lack of Confidence

You’re probably a very hard worker, and you want to be a great dancer. In fact, you’re quite proud of your previous dance accomplishments… But now you believe that you will no longer be able to achieve the same level, and you don’t want to start over as a ‘beginning’ dancer. You think it will be too hard, and you feel like it will be painful to see how time away from practice has deteriorated your technique. You don’t want to put yourself out there because you’re worried about how you’ll look and what others will think of you.

Although you loved dancing, you left it behind when you got busy, and now you’re too intimidated to re-enter the dance space as an adult.

How to step up your game: The good news is if you can do it once, you can do it twice. You’ll be surprised how your muscle memory kicks in – and, if you show up as a ‘beginner,’ you’ll allow yourself to experiment, make mistakes and grow even faster. Besides, everyone makes mistakes. And your dance classmates will be too busy focusing on themselves to notice your slip-ups.

Put your ego aside, and forgive yourself. Remember, you’re just dancing for fun.

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So, what now?

All right, dancer. You’ve determined the reasons that you’re reading this article instead of doing what you actually love – which is dancing! Now, you’ve got your action steps. Focus on the benefits that dance will bring you, go forth and live your adult dance dream!

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Dancing into the Future

Each of these reasons are valid reasons not to dance. But, on some level, they’re still excuses. You’ve got to drop these excuses to move beyond them. Dancing requires effort, both physical and mental.

However, once you convince yourself to invest a bit of effort into dance, you’ll find that the joy it gives you in return far outweighs your initial investment. You’ve got this!

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