Online dance workouts bring you the benefit of working out to a great tunes at home – in your kitchen, in your living room or secretly in your bedroom. You’ll find that dance workout DVDs are mostly a thing of the past, since dance fitness videos have gone digital. Now dance workout videos are available to download, as a single  dance cardio class or a larger program – or to stream from a special members library. Our list of the best at-home dance workouts includes dance fitness programs inspired by a range of dance genres and for participants of different abilities.

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Better yet, ladies can join this friendly online dance club, which will allow you to connect with other recreational dancers during Live classes and watch parties, as well as in a special private community forum.

This is just one item from our list of the best online activities for dancers in quarantine. We have eight more suggestions!

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Online Dance Fitness Classes by Genre

These online dance fitness classes adapt a range of dance styles into fun dance workouts. You can get jazzy with Jazzercise, work your abs with Latin dance or belly dance and get your heart pumping with tap dance or African dance.

Jazzercise (Jazz)

Although Jazzercise was invented in 1969, it hit peak popularity in the US during the mid-1980s with its dance fashion trend of leotards, stirrup leggings and bare feet. The first dance fitness craze [aside from, perhaps, the singular ‘Go you chicken fat, go’ song) may have been biggest during the Flashdance era; but the cardio dance empire remains. And they’ve diversified with a large range of dance workout formats, from the hour-long cardio-heavy ‘Dance Mixx’ to strength classes, core classes, low intensity classes and more. It’s a great way to enjoy dance fitness at home.

Jazzercise On Demand memberships give users access to Jazzercise online classes that last 10 – 40 minutes. Monthly memberships are currently $19.99 USD, while annual memberships cost $195.00 USD.


Zumba (Latin Dance)

Zumba, the Latin dance-based cardio workout by Beto Pérez ,has gotten many a person shaking their hips to salsa, cumbia, merengue and more. (Since then, they’ve added routines with choreography inspired by hip-hop, flamenco, belly dance and Bollywood.) The origin story goes like this: One fateful day, Beto forgot music for his exercise class and played the Latin music from the CDs in his car. The class was a smash hit and the rest is history. It has been so successful, today Zumba is even available as a dance workout online.

You can find a huge range of virtual online Zumba classes every day, with instructors from countries around the world. The videos tend to remain available on the digital portal from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. You may see some free online Zumba classes floating around, posted by generous instructors; otherwise renting a 30-minute to an hour-long video will only cost you a few dollars (USD).


Figure 8 (Latin Dance)

Created by Latin dancesport champion Jaana Kunitz, Figure 8 dance fitness targets the core. According to their website, “Figure 8 focuses on fluid movement patterns that train all the muscles in your core region in every plane.” This means that you will target different abdominal muscles with specific actions, such as flexion, side flexion and rotation. This dance workout at home program is split up into three different phrases: Learn, Burn and Sculpt, so you become familiar with the moves, then ramp up the cardio before turning to toning sessions.

The complete Figure 8 training system includes 14 video coaching and workout sessions, alongside a fitness guide, nutrition blueprint and workout journal to track your success for $47.00 USD. At the moment, they are also providing their Figure 8 Express program of 30+ short cardio workout videos in their membership package.


BollyX (Indian Dance)

The BollyX online dance workout videos are inspired by the equally peppy and popular Indian Bollywood dance style, as well as bhangra. The dynamic choreography is usually delivered in person during 50-minute classes that cycle between higher and lower-intensity dance fitness routines; but BollyX On Demand (BOD) offers workouts that range from 10 – 50 minutes. You can follow a longer workout to focus on different areas of the body (such as the abs and legs or the full body), or you can incorporate some of the 400+ dance fitness choreography pieces in your own personalized exercise regime.

BollyX online memberships cost $14.99 USD per month. But if you’re lucky, you may find a Facebook ad floating around for lifetime membership. We recently saw one that offers a lifetime membership for $49.00 USD.

Read our BollyX On Demand membership review for more.


A man in a white t-shirt leads a Bollywood dance fitness class
Instructor Shahil leads a BollyX dance fitness class.

Kukuwa Fitness (African Dance)

We immediately felt an affinity with Kukuwa Fitness when we read: “Get ready to explore Africa without a passport,” since we launched our global Dance Passport challenge in the spirit of cultural travel. The movement requires coordination of the arms, legs and hips to rhythms that originate from all different regions of Africa. Best of all, CEO and Founder Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah is a Professor of African Dance and Culture, so you can rest assured that the African dance workout was thoughtfully curated, rather than lifted from various African cultures without proper context.

A few Kukuwa Fitness aerobic dance videos can be purchased individually online; otherwise you can access new workouts each week with memberships that cost $14.95 USD per month or $149.95 USD per year.


Bellyfit International (Belly Dance)

It’s pretty intriguing to see belly dance transformed into aerobic dance exercise with Bellyfit. But founder Alice Bracegirdle has done it aims to empower women by providing a fun, body positive form of dance fitness. Bellyfit has three different class formats: Bellyfit, Bellyfit Flow and Bellyfit Sage. The classic Bellyfit and Bellyfit Sage classes both begin with 40 minutes of cardio (low impact for the sages), followed by 10 minutes each of both strength training and stretching. Meanwhile the Bellyfit Flow classes weave the dance with a yoga Vinyasa flow.

You can purchase Bellyfit episode from their online store (single episodes are currently selling for $11.00 CAD each, while the entire second season of 12 workouts is priced at $49.99 CAD, discounted from $79.99 CAD). Please note these recorded classes are 45-minute long, rather than an hour. Otherwise, you can sign up to take online classes live with their certified instructors based in Canada, Mexico and the USA. For example, a single drop-in class with Thea Komen is $8.00 CAD.


TAPfit (Tap Dance)

Indulge in toe tapping goodness and raise your daily step count with TAPfit. But you won’t just work out your legs. TAPfit was created as a full-body, low-impact workout that combines dance moves, cardio and strength training. The founders are the four Johnson sisters, who placed 10th in the World Tap Dance Championships – and the four Australian siblings are all teachers, too; so they make sure to break down each and every step. When you tap dance as exercise, you’ll get to exercise your brain a bit and have fun stomping out the rhythms.

TAPfit offers three main packages – from the classic TAPfit Starter pack to the TAPfit Platinum pack. The regular starter pack includes six dance workout DVDs and access to the TAPfit online studio, as well as a set of taps to temporarily transform your gym shoes into tap shoes. Prices range from $199.00 USD to $499.00 USD, but they are currently half price for their spring sale.


DDMIX (Multiple Dance Styles)

Darcey Bussell CBE first dazzled audiences as a principal dancer of the Royal Ballet, then waltzed into the hearts of audiences during her judging stint on Strictly Come Dancing (the British version of Dancing with the Stars). DDMIX, or Diverse Dance Mix, is one of her latest projects. In her words, it’s a ‘program that gives you a flavour and a taste of every genre of dance,’ such as the Charleston, Arabic dance, Greek dance, Miami disco and more. You can start with a taster class or target either the upper or lower body. Other dance workout sessions are labeled as Party, Blast or Style It Out.

The dance exercise videos are approximately 30 minutes and available to rent: £4.00 GBP for 48 hours.


Hip Shake Fitness (Multiple Dance Styles)

Hip Shake Fitness is perfect for those of you who regularly need to switch up your workout routine to avoid boredom. Their online dance workouts feature a variety of passionate instructors, who cover different dance styles. Many of the dance fitness sessions also include an element of conditioning, such as ‘Tone and Twerk,’ ‘Burlesque Burn’ and ‘Brazilian Warrior Workout Maculele.’ You’ll also find dance-based workouts inspired by hip-hop, Latin dance, African dance, Jamaican dancehall and ballet barre classes.

You can access the Hip Shake Fitness on-demand dance studio for $18.00 USD per month. New videos are added each week. There’s currently an offer to try Hip Shake Fitness for free for 60 days.


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Beginner Dance Cardio Workouts

Dance fitness online isn’t just for seasoned dancers. These programs are comprised of digital dance cardio sessions for beginners, with simpler steps and routines that are easy to follow. Dust off your athletic shoes and give these virtual dance workouts a go!

Body Groove

If you’re looking for a welcoming at home dance workout, this is it. Body Groove with Misty Tripoli is about connecting with your body and finding out how you like to move, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of a dance workout. The slower pace allows you to be playful and experimental. Body Groove series include Delicious Dance, Dance Your Heart Out and Spicy Latin Dance Party, in addition to Body Groove HIIT, Gentle Groovy Pilates and more. There’s plenty to keep you ticking over.

Membership includes access the online library and a private Body Groove Facebook group, where you can chat with other participants. Monthly membership costs $9.99 USD per month, while an annual membership costs $45.00 USD per year. They are currently offering a 30-day free trial.


Funky Moves Online

Funky Moves Online aims to get everyone dancing – kids, teens, adults and families. Their adult Funky Fit classes provide a “pressure free, positive environment” for movers of all abilities. They are also one of the few online dance fitness studios to offer musical theater classes, so you can confidently learn dances to big Broadway hits. Funky Moves Online also allows you to book online private classes, so you can create custom requests, such as learning a specific piece of choreography from one of your favorite films.

Their livesteamed dance fitness classes range from 30 – 45 minutes and cost £5.00 GBP each.

PS. The Funky Moves Online website also contains TikTok tutorials, in case you wanted to learn how to do the Hollaback (Yonce) or the Plank (Pretty Girl Rock) TikTok challenge.


Mojo Fitness

Although Mojo Fitness provides fitness dance classes, the emphasis is not on perfecting a specific dance technique. You will learn the proper form for certain exercises to prevent injury, but the cardio dance class can be individualized by completing the movements at a different pace or adjusting the range of movement and intensity. You should feel to develop your own dance style, too. When you’re jamming out to popular songs, you’ll feel what Mojo Fitness is “more like a dance club experience than a dance class.”

The Mojo online dance workouts include both livestreamed and on demand classes. Monthly memberships cost $10.00 USD per month, while annual memberships cost $100.00 USD per year.


Intense Dance Fitness Sessions

These dance workout classes are not for the faint of heart. If you want an extreme home dance workout and you’re quick at picking up new choreography, these are the cardio dance workouts for you. (They’re essentially aerobic dance workouts for the mythical Amazon tribe – don’t say we didn’t warn you.)


Plyojam offers some dance fitness classes for beginners, in addition to intermediate and advanced classes to try as your fitness levels and memory for dance moves improve. Their tagline is “Dance Powered by Plyometrics,” so the dancing is complemented by rapid, explosive exercises to strengthen your body. Creator and co-founder Jason Layden is a celebrity dance fitness trainer, and his Plyojam program has received positive celebrity testimonials from Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Hu and James Corden. But plenty of non-celebs love the workouts, too.

A monthly membership for $13.99 will get you a 15-minute video consultation, a personalized workout plan, an invitation to a private digital Plyojam group and access to online dance workout videos. You’ll also receive videos for strengthening and stretching. Please note, you can only cancel after three months.



DanceBody online will give you a strong dose of dance cardio. (Trust us, we tried their DanceBody Signature Class in NYC and sweated up a storm.) Whichever workout you choose, their cardio dance and sculpt sessions will kick start your heart. Sculpt 101 and Signature 101 are designed for beginners, while Full Out classes incorproate fancier footwork. Dance Express and Sculpt Express cram the workouts into 45 minutes. Classes tend to use the same choreography for a quarter, so you can really get comfortable with the moves, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, hit up one of their Full Out classes for old routines.

Access to the DanceBody online studio with livestreamed cardio dance classes and on demand fitness videos costs $34.99 USD per month and $349.99 USD per year. They are currently offering new members a 7-day free trial. You can also rent individual online dance fitness videos and programmes. Rental lengths and prices vary, starting at $5.99 USD for three-day rentals of Breakdown Programs.


A fitness instructor in cheetah print athletic gear raises her knee towards her chest
Katia Pryce leads a Dancebody Sculpt class.

Online Dance Workouts by Fitness Companies

These online dance workouts were developed by professionals within well-respected fitness companies. They host their fitness dance classes online, and as a bonus, their memberships also give you access to more traditional fitness programs, too.

Beachbody: Turbo Jam, Hip-Hop Abs + More

Beachbody is a well-known American fitness brand that has launched extreme workouts such as INSANITY and P90X. But they’ve got a few dance-based workouts, too. Shaun T busts out his incredible abdominal muscles in Hip Hop Abs [y’all] and Chalene Johnson pulls out some dance moves, alongside other cardio and kickboxing, in Turbo Jam. In addition to Brazil Butt Lift (a fusion of ballet, capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance) and Country Heat (a workout to country music), Beach Body also offers dance fusion workouts such as Barre Blend and Yoga Booty Ballet.

As a bonus, membership also gives users access to trainer tips, meal plans and accountability tools. Membership is currently $13.00 USD per month (billed as $39.00 USD every three months) or $99.00 USD per year.



Les Mills is a fitness group with a big following, originally from New Zealand. Their online workout videos in the Les Mills On Demand library are pretty intense (as should be expected, since they capitalize of all of their program names: BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP, for example); but you’ll want to follow their beautiful instructors. The Les Mills dance exercise workout videos come from two similar, but separate, programs: SH’BAM and BODYJAM. SH’BAM is marketed as en “ego-free zone,” where you can “forget being a wallflower.” Meanwhile, BODYJAM dance workouts (choreographed by Gandalf Archer Mills) are slightly more complex.

LES MILLS On Demand memberships provide access to more than 800 workouts from 13 unique programs – including LES MILLS barre classes for ballerina wannabes. The digital LES MILLS memberships can be paid monthly, quarterly or annual installments of £11.95, £28.70 and £95.60, respectively.


All information correct and up-to-date at time of posting.

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