Although Dance Dispatches is primarily a dance website, our dedication to sharing dance cultures from around the world also makes us a travel blog. Hey, if there are food-focused travel blogs, adventure activity travel blogs and more general cultural travel blogs – why can’t we be a dance travel blog? … Exactly. So, as a travel blog (albeit one with a very specific niche), we are proud to announce that we have joined the Impact Travel Alliance Media Network.

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What is the Impact Travel Alliance?

In their own words, the Impact Travel Alliance (ITA) is ‘is a global community and 501(c)3 nonprofit aimed at improving the world through travel.’ They promote mindful, purposeful travel that empowers locals and protects the environment – aka: sustainable tourism; and they host the community-driven Travel+SocialGood Summit. Meanwhile, the adjunct ITA Media Network connects content creators with brands that share the same ethos for collaboration and cross-promotion

Why Did We Join the ITA Media Network?

Dance is an art form and a unique cultural expression, and we think dance is a valuable way to explore a destination – while avoiding most of the overcrowded tourist spots. You can feel the dizzying rhythms of the Argentine tango at an intimate milonga in Buenos Aires, and you can learn the traditional nihon buyo dance in Japan to experience a sliver of the training that geisha undertake. You can even learn about the handmade costumes that are worn in performances, like those at the Croatian Lindjo folk dance show in Dubrovnik, or experience different international cultures while in a different country, eg: trying Jamaican dancehall in London or attending dance class with Love K-pop Dance London. We joined the ITA Media Network because we highlight these special traditions.

We’ve begun to roll out a series of DIY dance travel guides that will help dance enthusiasts (and new dance dabblers) to support local artists and creatives in a variety of destinations. Large city dance guides will contain theaters (where to see shows), local dance companies (which dance artists to see), dance studios (where to take dance class) and more. Meanwhile, our tailored travel guides will give you plenty of dance-related suggestions, like the top flamenco experiences in Seville or the different dance arcade games you can play in Japan. We’ll also let you know where you can learn about a city through a unique dance-themed tour, attend a festival where dancing plays a large role – like Carnaval, or integrate into the local social dance scene at a night club.

Although coronavirus has halted many travel plans for the foreseeable future, in the meantime, you can join our virtual global journey: the Dance Passport challenge, which features six beginning dance tutorials from around the world. We’ll send your dance passport as soon as you start, and we’ll continue to date and stamp your pages each time you complete a new dance. Join the fun solo – or bring the whole family your digital trip.   

While dance will always be our main focus, we are also looking to expand with wellness experiences, so dance lovers can find wonderful places to refresh on holiday – whether it’s in a steamy hammam, a high-end cryotherapy unit or on the beach at a surf and yoga retreat. Dance artists and educators live their passions daily, but everyone needs to take a break and let their batteries recharge; so, we’ll show you special places to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Our purpose strongly aligns with the Impact Travel Alliance mission, and our current membership lasts through the remainder of 2020.

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