2020 has certainly turned the world on its head. So, we’re enjoying dance online, instead of taking dance classes at the studio or viewing dance shows at the theater. In a bid to stay relevant and accessible, companies and studios have migrated to provide online dance parties, virtual dance workshops and digital dance watch parties on their websites and social media channels. This digital dance hub is full of suggestions to keep you connected.

Online Dance Club for Women

If you’re a lady, who loves dance and could use a vibrant community to support you (wherever you are on your dance journey), this is the place for you.
Together, we’ll go from dreaming of dance to dancing among friends with Live workshops, Live watch parties and our own private forum to chat everything dance, plus exclusive discounts and members-only giveaways. 
Let’s bring the fun back into dance, shall we? 💖 

We may not be the world’s best dancers, but we can certainly be dance besties.

Join us!

Dance at Home

Check out our list of 60+ home dance activities or our shortlist of the best dance activities to keep you busy at home. You’ll be surprised just how many dance-related activities are waiting for you – from updating your performance reel to creating your next show poster and choreographing a dance for your face only. (Face dances are seriously entertaining. Honestly!)

We share how to create an at-home dance studio for gung-ho dance enthusiasts, who want to train comfortably without leaving the house. And we also offer a comprehensive list of dance virtual dance resources to help you find even more digital dance activites.

Virtual Dance Classes, Workshops & Events

These online dance classes and events will get you up off the couch. You can opt for a familiar dance style, and follow free online ballet barre videos; or you can try something completely different – like a modern online Gaga dance class. If you’re not sure which class to take, we compare their ‘people’ classes and ‘dancer’ classes for you. Are you ready? … 5, 6, 7, 8!

Alternatively, you can connect with the dance community by filming one of these Covid-19-inspired dance challenges (like this Dance Passport challenge that will bring you on a digital journey around the globe) or shake it up with a virtual dance party on Zoom. Yes, dancing on camera in a ‘room’ full of strangers is awkward at first, but you can have a ridiculously good time. And when you’re ready to call it quits, you can immediately shower and head to bed – instead of navigating a long journey home.

Dance Fitness at Home

These online dance cardio classes – like the Indian dance-inspired BollyX – are fantastic for people who want to get active… but don’t want to memorize complicated choreography. You can focus on burning calories, instead of straining your brain to remember which move comes next.

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