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Hello, dance family. I hope you’re staying well as you dutifully self-isolate and social distance. A few days ago, we shared a list of 60+ at-home dance-related activities, from taking online ballet barre classes to dance business tasks, to help you keep busy while COVID-19 looms large. I’d be remiss to ignore my own advice, so this is how I’m keeping busy: dancing, connecting with the dance community and practicing self-care. Let’s see how many activities I can complete from the list before social restrictions become unnecessary. (Current total: 5/66.)

Hmm, I haven’t recorded daily dance journal entries since documenting my 10-day ballet journey

Girl in green sweatshirt stretches and reads ballet book
It’s always nice to settle down with a dance book and catch up on some reading. I’ve got the comical Tutus, Tights and Tiptoes: Ballet History as it Ought to be Taught in hand.

Day 1. March 20, 2020. [Tasks: 1, Total: 1]

Today sets the pace as I settle into self-isolation. I froze my rolling monthly gym membership yesterday – and I spent my first day working from home. In bed. So, naturally, I feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. My inner sloth pleads me to start Day 1 tomorrow, but we compromise.

I complete 30 minutes of Pilates in the living room and tick off one of my favorite suggestions.

60. Treat yourself to an at-home massage.

I roll out my muscles with trigger point massage balls, a foam roller and then slump into a small massage cushion on the couch.

Day 2. Mar 21, 2020. [Tasks: 2, Total: 3]

Today’s dance task was fulfilled as I obnoxiously paraded in front of the television to grab J’s attention. Lo and behold, I had invented my silly walk!

27. Develop the stride you’d represent in the ‘silly walks’ parade.

Should I ever have the chance to join a parade with The Ministry of Silly Walks (as seen in this Monty Python skit), I’ll pitch my torso forward and walk sideways, swinging my arms like a very determined goofball, as shown in the video below while we wait at the trout farm. 😀 Sometimes dance is about looking incredible – and sometimes it’s about letting go of your ego.

Then, to end a day full of ‘hard work’, I treated myself to a some self-care.

61. Soak in the tub.

Perhaps tomorrow I should try some more actual dancing…

Day 3. Mar 22, 2020. [Tasks: 2, Total: 5]

I crept downstairs early this morning to watch dance videos on the living room TV before anyone else got up.

59. Stretch it out.

I tuned into a short video that combined a jazz warm-up with stretch session from Italia Conti. Rapid cardio got the blood flowing, followed by isolations, contractions and exercises to lengthen the muscles. (I hadn’t expected penché practice before breakfast!)

49. Lay down… for floor barre.

Then I flipped on a floor barre from Alessia Lugoboni, co-founder of Lazy Dancer Tips. Hello hip flexors! It was also the first time I tried floor barre exercises on my stomach… Eep.

Day 4. Mar 23, 2020. [Tasks: 1, Total: 6]

There’s not too much to say; today was a dance business day.

37. Keep track of your finances in preparation for tax season.

I sent a campaign report and invoice for our latest social media campaign. And if you’re looking for a way to connect with the larger dance community, learn about exciting collaboration opportunities on our Work With Us page.

Day 5. Mar 24, 2020. [Tasks: 3, Total: 9]

When you’re a dance dabbler, it can be a little tricky to find a dance genre you’ve never tried before. But I found a way to:

52. Try a new dance style.

Despite having very poor hand-eye coordination, I fished out a hula hoop to learn a little hoop dance. Good thing my hoop is lightweight, since I may have flung it towards the TV a few times…! But I had a lot of fun, and I was so excited to develop my skills, I practiced for nearly an hour in the backyard.

Deanne Love (above) has tons of great tutorials on her YouTube channel.

In general, although it’s only March, 2020 has been a stressful year. So I decided to:

64. Meditate.

I joined a group meditation session, where we focused on loving kindness for others. I combined this with additional heart-opening on my yoga wheel, bringing my daily dance ‘task’ total up to three with:

63. Decompress your spine.

Day 8. Mar 27, 2020. [Tasks: 1, Total: 10]

In addition to Friday, today was World Theatre day – a conspicuous day for a few arts organizations to launch their new digital seasons and programs. This gave me the perfect opportunity to:

12. Watch full-length dance productions.

I joined ‘Live’ streaming performances of Peter and the Wolf by The Royal Ballet / The Royal Ballet School, hosted by the Royal Opera House – followed by BalletBoyz’ Deluxe show, moderated by Sadler’s Wells. You might even spy us commenting in the live discussion on Facebook some day!

Day 10. Mar 29, 2020. [Tasks: 1, Total: 11]

This was really a three-day task, but I wrote a new blog post, which counts as:

29. Update your dance website.

I compiled a massive list of dance at home resources that outlines the best places to find live shows and classes amid self isolation for Covid-19.

Day 11. Mar 30, 2020. [Tasks: 2, Total: 13]

3. Check out dance trends on TikTok.

In writing this post about fun 2020 dance challenges, I had to do a little research, so I had to venture into the world of TikTok.

For those of you who are also a little behind the times, ‘the floss’ and the ‘triangle’ jumping dance, have been replaced by the #GhenCovyChallenge about washing your hands, as well as the three-person #BlindingLightsChallenge. If you’re curious, but don’t feel like logging into TikTok, you can read about 19 top Tik Tok dances on Insider.

29. Improvise.

I’ve been meaning to improvise for more than a week now, but today was the day, since I was invited to join the #danceitout2020 challenge.

You can see our improv video in the full list of current dance challenges, as mentioned above. The song: Trouble by Ray LaMontagne.

Day 15. Apr 3, 2020. [Tasks: 1, Total: 14]

I have been so excited about our upcoming posts and collaborations on Dance Dispatches, my regular bedtime has crept past 1:00am. Tonight, I am tucking myself in more than an hour before midnight. Zzzzz…

66. Go to bed early.

Day 18. Apr 6, 2020. [Tasks: 0, Total: 14]

During quarantine, I’ve gone from worrying about finding digital dance resources to keep me connected – to stressing about how I can take advantage of the classes and performances to which I wouldn’t normally have access.

It’s overwhelming. So I spent today prioritizing exactly which dance classes and which dance shows I want to see before they expire.

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