Ladies – isn’t the most important criteria of a bra, particularly any sports bra, excellent support for your ladies? After reading about the new Fabletics sports bra styles, I was very excited to join their ‘bra camp’ at the London POPfit studios to put their clothing to the test – because if anyone understands comfort and functionality, it should be athleisure wear manufacturers. Here’s how the Fabletics Belle Bra and the All Day Every Day Bra worked during our workouts.

What is Fabletics Athletic Wear?

All right, friends. Backing up a sec, I’ll be seriously surprised if you haven’t heard about Fabletics, since Kate Hudson is the famous face of the brand. Fabletics, a portmanteau combining ‘fabulous’ with ‘athletics’, is a female sportswear brand. Although represented by a celebrity, the activewear company prides selling their high-quality athletic apparel, namely sports bras, tops and leggings, at affordable prices – and they are committed to selling a range of sizes to outfit diverse body types. Their sizes start at XXS and carry on through 3X.

Fabletics is a also monthly fashion subscription service that allows subscribers to purchase their clothing at a discount. I prefer to purchase specific apparel only as I need it; but if a subscription service isn’t for you, you can buy single items as you like from their online shop. While you don’t get the VIP members’ discount, you won’t over-shop and you can still find some great products at reduced prices.

Photo credit: Fabletics EU

New Fabletics Sports Bras – July 2019

Learning about the new Fabletics bra styles, I realised that the company was keen to slightly revamp some of their classic models, instead of reinventing the wheel. (Because there’s no point fixing something that ain’t broken.) For instance, the Tamara bra is a similar to the Tammy bra – just with higher triangle cups and a strappier back. Similarly, the Mila Midi bra looks like the Mila bra – except it has a V-neck and a longer band.

Photo credit: Fabletics EU

Fabletics: The Belle Bra

Fabletics’ Belle sports bra is classified as a high impact sports bra, so we trialed them during a mini (but intense) POPfit Dance Cardio class. The Belle bra is aptly named because it is beautiful – with rose gold fixtures adorning changeable criss-cross straps. Adjusting the straps makes all of the difference in terms of support; so don’t be afraid to tinker around a little. The mesh pin-stripe-type detail by the arms is unique, and the front mesh panel beneath the bust is strategically placed to provide ventilation. I don’t tend to work out in a sports bra without a shirt over the top, but the Belle bra is tempting to show off all by itself.

Photo credit: Fabletics EU

Fabletics: The All Day Every Day Bra

Fabletics’ All Day Every Day Bra is classified as a low impact bra, so we tested them out during a mini POPfit Barre class. The bra is adjustable with hook and eye closure in the back, but hallelujah, there are no wires in sight (or hidden under the cup)! The straps can also attach to form a racerback style. I was comfortable wearing the All Day Every Day Bra for barre, but I’d personally pass on wearing it for yoga and Pilates because I don’t like to lie back on hooks.

The undergarment is advertised as ‘more than a bralette with beautiful fit and functionality’. That’s true, especially if you’re wearing your bra as a fashion statement sans shirt, but it wasn’t smooth enough for me to wear with my everyday clothes. The thick straps were noticeable even underneath my cotton baby tee; so I only plan to wear it around the house or the gym.

Photo credit: Fabletics EU

Fabletics Leggings

Fabletics is equally well known for leggings, and we got to rock a pair during our workouts. I’ve seen Fabletics ads before and notice there’s a decent amount of leg stroking action – like the models just can’t get over how smooth their leggings feel. It’s a little silly, but the leggings do feel luxurious. They are thicker and smoother than most of athletic wear you’ll find at their price point.

I was gifted a pair of mauve Cashel Foldover PureLuxe leggings, and I was stoked that the short inseam gave me the perfect length pair. (Of course, the ruched style helps.) I like how Fabletics found a way to decorate this pair of leggings without resorting to bold or blotchy patterns, which is more flattering for those of us with larger and/or more muscular legs. The change of fabric above the knee also helps to make the calves look longer. Score!

Fabletics In Review

Although I don’t support subscription boxes (and think people should just purchase what they need when they need it), I believe Fabletics offers good quality apparel. I can heartily recommend the new Belle Bra and the Cashel Foldover PureLuxe leggings, and I can see myself purchasing more of their clothing in the future. However, since the material seems durable, it may be a while… Although that’s not great for Fabletics sales, it is great for the environment.

Disclosure: Dance Dispatches was invited to an exclusive promotional event with Fabletics EU and POPfit. The Belle Bra, All Day Every Day Bra and Cashel Foldover PureLuxe leggings were gifted, but the article contains open and honest opinions about the products.

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