In the quest to document dance traditions and dance communities from around the globe,
Dance Dispatches covers multiple destinations. 

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Women in kimonos in Japan

Many different types of dance originated in Asia – from ancient Indian dances to modern day Bollywood and K-Pop (Korean pop) dancing. 

a white castle with a blue roof

Famous dance genres from Europe include ballet, Irish dance and flamenco. Many European regions also preserve their own folk dance traditions.

a person stands on a red rock formation

North America is home to dance epicenter, New York City. However, you’ll find modern, jazz, tap and ballet classes across the continent. 

Machu Picchu ancient civilization

Many dances from South America are partner dances, such as Argentine tango, the Brazilian samba and the Colombian cueca. However, many dancers don’t consider these ‘ballroom dances.’

Dance Dispatches Map

This dance destinations map contains the location of dance companies, dance theaters and dance studios. Dance enthusiasts will also find great places to cross-train, rejuvenating spas and healthy places to eat.

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