Dear Dance Lover,

Let me level with you.

The excitement of 2021 has fizzled out. It’s February, and we’re still recovering from one helluva year.

As we struggled to cope with new challenges, brought on by the pandemic, many of us abandoned ship and haven’t danced for months. (Heck, some of us have ‘paused’ our dance practice for years!)

Yet, we still believe, ‘I’ve gotta get back to it…’

I hear you.

But let’s not get back to the grind – which makes dancing sound like a chore.

How about we rediscover the excitement of dancing, instead?

This Dance Love Challenge will be much more motivating than scrolling through ‘inspirational’ photos of dance gods and goddesses on Insta – and subsequently (stupidly) comparing ourselves to them.

We’ll help you reclaim your dance mojo in just 5 days, surrounded by a supportive group of dance friends. It’s all happening in the Dance Dispatches Club on Facebook from Feb 15 – 19.

The challenge is currently underway, but there’s still time to soak up some dance goodness and win some prizes!

You’ve never seen a dance challenge like this before, and you’ve got to experience it for yourself.


Need a Plus-1? Or a Plus-10?

No problem, doll.

Bring all your friends to the Dance Love party. 💕

When you sign up for the Dance Love Challenge, you’ll get to:

1. Connect with likeminded dance lovers from around the world

2. Relive and share your fondest dance memories 

3. Identify your dance blocks that have been holding you back

4. Determine exactly how to obliterate those blocks

… all while reigniting your passion for dance, so you can get back on the floor, where you belong!