Hello gorgeous,

Are you ready for something good to come out of 2020? 

Our plans may have been disrupted this year, but we can still get back to dance. 

The Dance Dispatches Social Club (DDSC) – just for lovely ladies like yourself – will give you the gentle nudge you need to start dancing online from the comfort of home. This welcoming community of women will provide the motivation and connection you crave, as well as a handful of members-only perks. 🎉

When you join the DDSC, you'll receive access to:

💃 Live Workshops

You will be invited to one Live dance workshop each month.

The 90-minute online workshop will consist of a 60-minute class with a professional dance educator, in a dance style selected by club members.

The other half an hour will consist of an introduction to the dance genre, a demonstration by the instructor, and a Q&A session – where we can ask additional questions about the dance and debrief our individual experiences.

We’ll learn Tahitian dance first, with Krysten Resnick of the London School of Hula and Ori.

Photo credit: Jack Berk

🎥 Live Watch Parties

You will be invited to one Live dance watch party each month.

Dance lovers don’t just love to dance… We also enjoy ooh-ing and aah-ing over the pros!

The Live watch parties will allow us to simultaneously watch a show and indulge in a rousing dance convo.

Even if you prefer to watch the show without reading the comments, you can still join the informal call to discuss the digital performance afterwards.

This December we’ll take comfort in The Nutcracker ballet and kick-start our holiday spirit.

Photo credit: Erin Baiano

👋 Our Private Online Community

You will be invited to join our private online community.

The Dance Dispatches Social Club community is the place to talk dance, all the time.

You can stay connected with your new dance friends in between events and even message other members right on the platform.

We’ll post incredible videos that we find online, chat about our favorite dance TV shows and share our personal dance goals. There’s a dedicated space for everything, as well as a general dance chat area and a Q&A section.

💎 Additional Members-Only Perks

We’ll surprise you with hand-picked goodies.

When you join the Dance Dispatches Social Club, you’ll receive special members-only discounts to dance events, dance fitness classes, activewear and more. It’s never been easier to treat yourself!

And, if you’re lucky, you’ll win a prize from our exclusive giveaways – for digital and physical prizes.

In November/ December, you’ll receive 50% off your first month of workouts with the fabulous DanceBody team. And we’ve lined up a discount for a vibrant range of athletic wear, which you’ll learn about in January.

Photo credit: @someshellyphotography

👑 Dance Dispatches VIP Status

You will call the shots on Dance Dispatches.

There’s always something going on in the dance world; so we have plenty of story ideas to publish on our blog.

As a club member, you can vote on which features you want to read first. For example, you could choose between an article about the best flamenco experiences in Seville or a round-up post of dance museums around the globe.

You decide, and we’ll deliver.

Rudolf Nureyev Quote 'You live as long as you dance.'

You may be wondering, ‘Am I going to fit in?’ And the answer is ‘Yes!’

Although we live around the world and adore a range of dance styles, we’re all ladies who love dance and want more dance in our lives.

We may not be professionals or academics – but we are passionate about dance. Most of all, we’re thrilled to share our love of dance together.

If you join now, you will receive these Founders Perks:

⭐ Founders Rates – Forever

You will lock in our lowest price ever, forever.

There’s never been a better time to join the DDSC since you have access to our lowest price right now.

This is a price just for Founding Members, so it will rise by the next time we open to the general public in March 2021.

⭐ Shout-Outs on Dance Dispatches

You will receive recognition on Dance Dispatches!

If you join, we’ll include you in our Founding Members article on Dance Dispatches, which will feature the extraordinary everyday women who decide to actively embrace dance as a hobby. Plus, we’ll share your photos on Instagram in a special Founding Members series.

It’s pretty cool because that means you’ll appear in same dance blog and same IG feed as the New York City Ballet and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan.

(If this isn’t your style, you can opt out – no worries.)

⭐ A Personal Welcome Call

You and I will chat one-on-one with me, so we can discuss how the DDSC can best serve you.

Of course, I hope to see you at all the Live events and to keep in touch with you in the DDSC online community. But I’d really love to meet you for a quick 10-minute chat to see how we can support you in your unique dance journey.

⭐ 14 Free Days

You will receive two free weeks on us.

We are gifting you 14 days to explore and settle into the online DDSC community for free.

Spend these two weeks bonding with the other ladies in the club and helping us to plan the rest of 2020 and beyond. 

⭐ The Power to Shape DDSC

Your insight will lay the foundations of our social dance club for women.

Where else have you found an online dance club just for ladies who like to dance for fun? *insert cricket noises*

We are creating such a special community, and your valuable insight can help us to shape it as we grow to welcome even more dance enthusiasts into our ranks.

Whether a lack of energy, motivation or confidence has held you back in the past, you’re here because you want to dance. It’s time to listen to your heart.

Drop the excuses – and let this special community of women support you, wherever you are on your dance journey.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Pina Bausch dance quote 'Dance, dance, otherwise we are all lost'

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(They’ll thank you!) 💖

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the DDSC different from taking other dance classes & memberships?

The Dance Dispatches Social Club is unique because we place community at the heart of our membership experience. The extraordinary everyday women you meet won’t just be your classmates; they’ll be your new dance friends. 

To put it simply, we love to enjoy dance together. That’s why we take time to chat with each other after classes, hold discussions after our watch parties and keep the dance conversation rolling at all times in our private online forum.

And this welcoming, ladies-only group of dance enthusiasts will empower you to keep dancing.

Can you tell me which other classes and shows will be featured?

After our Tahitian dance workshop and Nutcracker watch party in December, the club events are TBD.

That’s because you’ll get to vote on the dance styles you want to try and the shows you most want to see!

What if I can't make a Live event?

Although you attending Live events provides the best possible experience, you never have to worry about completely missing out.

You will still be able to access DDSC classes and shows for a limited period. Plus, Dance Dispatches will publish articles about these online workshops and shows; and you’re welcome to bring the conversation back to our online community space.

Can I join the DDSC after Friday, Nov 20?

The Dance Dispatches Social Club doors are temporarily closing on Friday, November 20 at 11:59pm PST. This is the very last time you will be able to join as a Founding Member.

The DDSC will re-open in March 2021, and you will be invited to join then. But why not come in now – for the special Founding Members discounted price (which continues for the duration of your membership) and the other additional perks?

How can I contact the DDSC?

You can remove the spaces and email social @ dance dispatches . com with any queries.

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If you have any questions about the Dance Dispatches Social Club or you would like to amend your membership, please remove the spaces and  contact:
social @ dancedispatches . com.