Hello gorgeous,

Don’t beat yourself up.

You want to squeeze more dance into your life, and we’re here to help – because you can still embrace your chance to dance (even from the comfort of home).

Perhaps you’re looking to start dancing again, or maybe you want to start dancing, period.

Friend, either way, you stumbled upon our uplifting digital dance club for a reason.

Dance isn’t just for the pros, you know…

Girlfriend, it’s time to step out from the sidelines and spring onto the dance floor.

You are meant to dance, boogieing to your own beat, while supported by likeminded women.

Let the Dance Dispatches Social Club cheer you on!

We’re a diverse group of ladies, who love to dance for fun.

We’ve created a private, encouraging and guilt-free online space, where we bond over dance with workshops, watch parties and all sorts of dance chat (that our non-dancer friends wouldn’t appreciate).

And you are so welcome to join us.

Aw, shucks.

The Dance Dispatches Social Club is closed until March 2021.

But you can sign up to stay in the loop. You’ll be the first to know when the doors re-open!


You’ll fit right in with our supportive group of women from around the globe, who dance for fun. 

We’ll also occasionally send you our newsletter – and, although you can opt out at any time, you’ll want to stick with us.

Share the news with your dance besties, earning their eternal gratitude.

In the meantime…

Why not join our friendly dance Facebook group, filled with a variety of genuine dance lovers?

It’s where we host free dance challenges and events. Plus, everyone is allowed to join this group – not just ladies. So, you can invite your male dance besties, too.

Take care and let dance move you, 

  – Alison