The idea of creating a new digital dance publication started bouncing around in my head during the summer. I planned out our main features and the adjacent lifestyle categories for dancers’ interests outside of the studio. I built the web pages, claimed our social media handles and stocked content to fill the site. It wasn’t until the end of January that I published our first post: an interview with world Argentine tango champion Germán Cornejo, prior to viewing his Buenos Aires-meets-Broadway Tango Fire show. And in the past year, our dance website / dance blog has published more than 70 features.

On our first birthday, I’ll admit that the creating Dance Dispatches was, in part, a selfish venture. Yes, I absolutely want to share unique dance traditions and exciting industry news with you! But in order to that, I had to personally push myself to re-integrate into the giant global dance community – to see more dance shows and participate in more dance classes.

In short, it worked.

Birthday cake with one pink candle

Dance Dispatches: Year 1

During Dance Dispatches’ first year, I reviewed nearly 30 dance performances (and compiled a list of 2019’s top 19 dance shows). I got up early to attend Pineapple Dance Studios’ 40th anniversary open house with wee dancers and adult novices, alike. I tried my first K-pop class with Love K-Pop Dance London, learned a little dancehall with Natty JCDT and took a killer heels class with Tarek Khwiss, teaching as Bella Shaheed.

I caught The Fountain of Tears ballet in Budapest, a classic that is “rarely performed in the West,” according to my Russian colleague, and I took my mom to see folkloric dance in Dubrovnik performed by the Lindo ensemble (as well as Sergei Polunin’s Mixed Bill at the London Palladium). One of my favorite experiences was donning a kimono to try nihon buyo in Tokyo; and I had an equally invigorating and exhausting week running around NYC before Christmas, checking out George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® by New York City Ballet and the Radio City Rockettes’ glitzy Christmas Spectacular.

Learning traditional Japanese dance in Tokyo with local classmates and a Chinese traveler was a definite holiday highlight.

Our Year 2 Plans

But this year, we’re bringing the focus back to the winder dance community, aka: you. So, what’s next?

1. DIY Dance Holiday Guides

We want to help you experience the best dance around the world, whether you want to spend evenings social dancing with locals or watching a premiere ballet company in an opulent opera house. Our destination guides will help you to plan your own dance vacations, so you can visit all of the region’s best dance attractions – or at least squeeze in a few dance-related activities during your trip. Trust us, it’s a great way to travel.  

You’ll find more comprehensive dance guides for major dance meccas, in addition to an abbreviated list of the area’s ultimate dance experiences. Some articles will be even more specific, like Dance Arcade Games in Japan, Argentine Tango Venues in Buenos Aires, Flamenco Experiences in Seville and Adult Ballet Classes in London.

Lookout for spa, food and fitness guides, too.

You can see Argentine tango in Buenos Aires at street fairs, milongas or tango spectacular shows.
Photo credit: @travelbuenosaires

2. Your Diverse Voices on Dance Dispatches

We already feature dance interviews on Dance Dispatches, which generally delve into the perspective of a single artist or educator. But we want to cast a larger net to share more of your unique insight.

For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day , we want to help you publicly recognize your biggest dance supporters. We want to share your best tips for turning and stretching – and, we’re curious, how does dancing make you feel? We’ll seek out answers from dancers with backgrounds in different dance styles and publish the results.

Something sourced from our growing group of dance enthusiasts is sure to resonate with you. And you can inspire others, too!

If we asked Tarek Khewiss’ heels class students how they feel when dancing, they might say ’empowered’ and ‘sexy.’

3. Guest Posts on Dance Dispatches

But if you have more to say, Dance Dispatches could still be your platform. If you’re keen to write an article, contact us to arrange a guest post. You can write about a specific experience, like Kathryn Boland’s take on Fortitude Dance Project’s summer intensive, or you can tell us about your journey as a beginning adult dancer in a personal essay.

However, if your story is heavily focused on your business – please check out our Work with Us page for partnership opportunities.

Dance statue in front of red telephone booths
We’re based in London, but we look forward to hearing your global perspectives.

4. Your Dance Pics and Input on DD Socials

On Facebook, we’ll give you the opportunity to feature as our cover photo for one month.

You can share your photos on our Facebook page for consideration. In the future, we’ll also hold photo competitions to let you choose our Facebook photo of the month.

On Instagram, we post lots of production photos from our favorite dance performances. They’re gorgeous photos of world-renowned dancers; but this is just a small population of the larger dance community – so we will share more pictures of recreational dancers and aspiring dance professionals (with all of the same credits and tags).

You can tag us at @dancedispatches and/or use our hashtag #dancedispatches for consideration.

Twitter is less about dance photos than conversation. We’ll be inviting all dancers to the table for Dance Dispatches Twitter chats (#DDdancechat). The overarching topics will vary each time, and we look forward to your varied responses, too.

Our Pinterest account added two new group boards, where you can pin articles about Tips to Improve Dance Technique and Dance Teacher Tips and Resources.

We’ve also created a Dance Dispatches | Community Hub to post other miscellaneous dance pins.

Finally, on YouTube, we’ve created a Dance Dispatches Approved playlist of dance videos that show incredible technique and artistry. These are dances that have that special x factor.

We were pretty obsessed with this ‘7 Rings’ choreography by Brinn Nicole, which easily made our Dance Dispatches approved list.

5. Newsletters to Keep You in the Loop

This year, we’re going to staying in touch via newsletter. Sure, we’ll share news on our socials, but we understand that constantly checking social media can be utterly exhausting.

Therefore, our newsletters will discuss seasonal dance topics and round up our latest posts for you. And don’t worry. They won’t clog your inbox because we’ll only email you when we’ve got something important to say.

If you want in, add your information to the newsletter form in the sidebar (to the right of the page on a desktop, or at the bottom of the page on a mobile).

Thanks so much for joining in our global dance discussion on our site and on social media. We look forward to sharing another wonderful year dancing with you.

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