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Alison Roberts-Tse Headshot

Alison Roberts-tse
Founder & Editor


Alison Roberts-Tse is the editor of Dance Dispatches, who loves writing, travel and all things dance.

Favourite dance genre:
modern & contemporary dance

Favourite dance artist/ group:
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

Favourite dance show:
Programme A by Les Ballets
Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Favourite dance movie: 
Mao’s Last Dancer

Favourite dance TV show: 
So You Think You Can Dance,
circa 2005 – 2008

Favourite dance experience:
learning Japanese dance in Tokyo

Kathryn Boland headshot

Kathryn Boland


Kathryn Boland is an NYC-based dance writer and movement enthusiast. She graduated from The George Washington University with a BA in Dance in 2011 and an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy in 2015. 

Experience with yoga, somatics, and Dance/Movement Therapy have attuned Kathryn to the healing and empowering potentials of movement and body awareness, on individual and community levels. A wide interest in diverse art forms also keeps her fascinated with how multiple art media can intersect within dance art, for aesthetics and meaning. For relaxation and enjoyment, Kathryn enjoys dance and yoga classes, music, comedy, time in nature, and conversation over coffee with a good friend or two. 
Publication credits include Dance Magazine (online), Dance Informa{DIYdancer}, and Dance Studio Life magazine. 

Favourite dance genre:
contemporary ballet

Favourite dance artist/ group:
Camille A. Brown

Favourite dance show: 
Revelations by Alvin Ailey
American Dance Theatre

Favourite dance movie: 
Center Stage

Favourite dance TV show: 
So You Think You Can Dance

Favourite dance experience:
performing in a piece on faith and social justice on MLK Day 

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