If you easily get bored at the gym while counting weight lifting sets or pounding the treadmill – you should shake up your cross-training routine. A session like the Bear Grylls fitness classes at London’s Oxygen Freejumping trampoline parks could be more your style. Say good-bye to monotony as you test and increase your strength, all while conquering elements on a mammoth obstacle course. These types of training sessions offer a fun and adaptable workout for attendees of all fitness levels.

(Please note, these exact classes are not currently being offered, but there are similar obstacle courses located throughout the UK.)

Warning: Unless you’re a serious athlete, the Bear Grylls fitness class promotional videos will probably intimidate you. It’s okay if you don’t look as confident, spry or athletic. (No one in my class did.) Sign up for a tough session to boost your strength and agility, and remember: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yeah?

Bears Grylls Fitness Class Review

Warm Up

The Bear Grylls fitness class begins with a gentle warm up to attune the mind with the body in preparation for the upcoming physical challenges. Max, who led our class, incorporated his knowledge as a yoga instructor. We completed some dynamic stretching exercises on mats, focusing on our breath, away from the intimidating (and dramatically lit) fitness course…

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The Bear Grylls fitness class will bring you back to your days on the playground, as you try your hand at various obstacles: climbing cargo nets, walking across seesaws and tightropes, slithering up vertical ropes and bouncing over stepping stones. Although nostalgic, some of the obstacles will be much harder than when you were a kid.  

For me, the most difficult obstacles required more intense upper body strength – working the upper back and shoulder muscles (as they fight gravity to hold up your body mass), forearm muscles (that allow you to grip onto obstacles) and the biceps (when you keep your arms bent at the elbow). Still, I swung across the monkey bars and pegs (a lateral version of the monkey bars) and scuttled across a set of parallel bars with my legs dangling in mid-air.  

Sometimes more standard exercises are performed as drills, but they are set on the obstacles to up the difficulty. Think triceps dips and modified pull-ups on the parallel bars, deep squats on a tightrope and enormous lunges to step atop tall rubber pillars. The obstacle course elements make the exercises more interesting, and some exercise variations require additional balance and control. The exercises are fatiguing, but Max was so encouraging, we completed all the sets.

At the end of class, you’ll likely have a few minutes of free time to practice skills and revisit your favorite obstacles. You can ask about how to improve your technique or wander off to try an obstacle that you didn’t visit during your session.

Best For

The Bear Grylls fitness class is great for developing strength, particularly upper body strength, but it also can help participants to increase agility, endurance, speed, balance, coordination and power. If you’re persistent with the Bear Grylls workout, you may just get a ripped Bear Grylls body along the way.

These functional workouts are also perfect for Tough Mudder training. Many people sign up to prepare for obstacle races and physically challenging events like Tough Mudder.  

Bears Grylls Fitness Class Summary

Level: All levels, since the class is adaptable

Physical intensity: 5 / 5

Best moment: Standing on top of the miniature ‘Warped Wall’ half-pipe obstacle after dashing up the concave wall like a mad woman and flopping up over the precipice like a bewildered fish

Most challenging moment: Trying to climb up the vertical rope without using my legs, while my forearms were on fire

Three words to describe class: Challenging, encouraging, exhausting

If You Go to a Bears Grylls Fitness Class

I attended class at Oxygen Freejumping Croydon. Tickets were available to participants over the age of 12 for £8.

Unfortunately, it seems that Oxygen Freejumping trampoline parks are no longer offering Bear Grylls fitness classes (sorry!!), but it would be great if they were revived some day.

All information correct and up-to-date at time of posting.

Have you ever tried a workout on an obstacle course? And what were your biggest accomplishments during the session? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

Disclosure: The author of this article was given free admission for an open and honest review about the Bear Grylls Fitness Class. If you would like coverage of your own cross-training course, please see our ‘Work With Us‘ page.

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