Dance Dispatches is a digital publication that celebrates dance around the world. We cover global dance traditions – and the thriving dance communities that keep them alive.

Welcome to Dance Dispatches, where we firmly believe that dance is for everybody – and every body – from recreational dancers to aspiring dance professionals.

Our dance blog is London-based, but our contributors and guest writers live in a range of countries. Together, we inspect different cultures in a variety of destinations through the lens of dance.

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What makes Dance Dispatches a unique dance blog?

1. We cover as many dance genres as possible, including dance trends in pop culture.

We are always adding new dance styles to our publication — from European folk dances to Argentine tango and K-pop dance (choreography to Korean pop songs); but we write about mainstream dance genres such as ballet and modern dance, too. 

Our dance show reviews provide background information about dance artists and their projects, so readers can better understand the dance works. And they include technical dance terminology so dancers can best picture the choreography.

2. We warmly encourage everyone to dance, particularly adults, and host our own private dance communities.

Dance Dispatches encourages everyone to dance, particularly adults. While dance lessons are pretty commonplace for children, adult dance classes can be more difficult to find. And sometimes we may feel sheepish, pursuing dance as a hobby, when we only see professional adult dancers in the media. 

But we firmly believe that dance can benefit any body, at any age.

So, if you’re an adult dancer, looking to connect with other dance enthusiasts, check out our Diverse Dance Lovers group on Facebook.

And, if you’re a lady, join our uplifting, private ladies-only dance club – so you can participate in our online dance classes and watch parties, alongside your new dance sisters. 

3. We care about dance that takes place in the studio and in the community, not just on stage.

Here at Dance Dispatches, we realise that a lot of important dance happens off stage, so review dance classes, too.

4. We include a range of factual articles, as well as more introspective ‘dance insight’ pieces.

We’re not the kind of dance blog that just blathers on about ourselves with diary-like journal entries. (Although you are welcome to read Alison’s 10-Day Ballet Journey if you want to.) 

And we’re not that type of digital dance magazine that only recycles press releases about upcoming performances and dance initiatives. (We’re more likely to share dance news on our social media accounts.)

We like to think we strike the balance between well-researched pieces, opinion pieces and observation pieces within the dance realm. 

5. We cover dance and a bit more, including lifestyle pieces that you may find useful.

We also share global dance news and interviews with professional dance artists. Our articles offer insight from recreational dancers and brand new dance enthusiasts because we believe that their experiences are also valid, and that the dance community should be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Imagine: what a joy it would be if the whole world was dancing! 

Our lifestyle section covers everything dancers love outside of the studio and theatre: cross-training, food and drink, spas and clinics, wear and gear, and travel. 

If you are interested in one particular dance style, you can easily find posts sorted by dance genre. Otherwise, you can find articles by destination. To locate specific posts, enter your query in the search field found in the upper right hand corner of the screen. (If you are using a mobile device, please note that you will find the search bar at the bottom of the page.)

Alison Roberts-Tse founded Dance Dispatches in 2019.

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Dance Dispatches FAQ

Want to know more about Dance Dispatches? This FAQ was created especially for you. 

Is Dance Dispatches a dance blog or a dance magazine?

Dance Dispatches is a digital dance publication that is a hybrid dance blog-dance magazine. 

We are like a dance blog because our posts are personal.

Whether it’s dance classes, workouts or spas, we like to experience everything first-hand. We prefer to share our genuine opinions with you, instead of recycling press releases. 

We are like a dance magazine because we highlight the wider dance community.

While we do like to talk about our personal experiences, we know there are many other dance enthusiasts doing exciting things, and we want to feature them. Our dance news covers professional dance artists, dance educators and non-profit dance organizations.

What inspired you to create Dance Dispatches?

Alison Roberts-Tse was inspired to create an inclusive global dance community that covers a variety of dance genres, a true home for all dancers and everything dance. 

Why do I see a mix of American English and British spellings across the site?

Our publication is based in London, hence, the British spellings. However, we work with a variety of partners and we intentionally localize the spelling to suit different audiences. (That one was for Americans, did you catch it?)

Work with us for unique creative content on our platforms – or yours.

How to Support Dance Dispatches

We are very grateful for donations of any amount that help us to create free quality dance articles. Thank you for considering a donation to Dance Dispatches. (You wouldn’t believe how much work it takes to run an informative, interesting and up-to-date blog.*)

Please visit our Patreon account to support our work. 

You can also support Dance Dispatches simply by reading and sharing our content. Your eyes on our articles demonstrates that our words are important; and this allows us to partner with like-minded brands on sponsored content.

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