a dance challenge – for adults

Everyday adult life has more than plenty to keep you busy… But don’t you want to make time to dance?

Join our 5 Days of Dance Challenge. It’s free!

We’ll take 10 minutes each day, during a single work week, to step away from the mundane (vacuuming, paying bills, cleaning up after the children, etc.), so that we can enjoy the simple pleasure of moving our bodies.

We’ll keep it low-key and joyful – promise. This means you don’t need to figure out TikTok or pull your groin to re-gain the splits before you join. (Phew.)

You’re already in the perfect condition to participate in this #5daysofdance challenge. Just bring yourself – and, perhaps, a friend or two. ❤️

This free 2020 #5daysofdance challenge is currently closed, but you can sign up below to participate in 2021! We’ll let you know when it kicks off.